With ever increasing demands on accuracy, time and cost the wholesale and distribution industries need to manage their logistics channels with exceptional precision to retain customers and grow their businesses. Within a globalised market and volatile world, accountability is key.

  • Do you boast excellent stock management, which ensures you are holding optimum stock levels to fulfil your orders (no stock outs)?
  • Might you be are holding too much stock restricting your cash flow?
  • Have you the right stock accuracy? Are you maximising your end-to-end supply chain to trim costs and increase profits in this competitive market?
  • Does your chosen solution allow for easy integration with other ERP, carrier or software solutions?


We appreciate that the wholesale and distribution environments have ever increasing and complex supply chain demands with the needs to fulfil global demands, trends and adhere to trade restrictions. MACSwms has the tools to help you increase profit margins, retain customers and reduce inventory within fluctuating markets.





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