Stock visibility, tractability (batch) and accountability (reporting) are essential ingredient to ensure that you constantly deliver your product to the required specification, whether you distribute or manufacture. In this highly legislated industry you must ask yourself can you fulfil the following criteria.

  • Accurate stock details, sell by dates, best before dates, batch
  • Full visibility and reporting structures to successfully manage use by / sell by dates and batch information? Any mistake when dealing with food can be damaging and expensive
  • Are you maximising your end-to-end supply chain to trim costs and increase profits in this competitive market?


As standard MACSwms includes functionality designed to improve:

  • Visibility / tractability of stock 
  • Comprehensive audit and reporting functions
  • Stock status, which allows for quality control, hold/ alter functions to stay compliant with use-by and sell-by-dates / stock write offs, industry standards and safety regulations


MACSwms systems have worked / interfaced with most leading UK supermarkets and our solutions adhering to their rigid regulations and reporting requirements.





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