MACSwms working in developing countries with public health and non-profit organisations to provide effective warehousing, logistics and procurement systems for disaster and humanitarian aid.

  • Does your system provide a detailed audit report to allow thorough analysis with comprehensive reporting structures for in country, beneficiaries and donors?
  • Do you work with a scalable system that is multi lingual and manages multi sites?
  • Does your solution support efficient procurement to provide the required level of on-going goods, factoring in seasonal requirements?

MACS Software has been working with public health bodies in developing nations since 2007, gaining significant experience working in challenging environments with various non-profit organisations. We have worked in numerous countries including, Zambia, Haiti, Mozambique, Uganda, Gyana, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire and Zimbabwe, undertaking key roles in both systems implementation and the widening of local knowledge in logistics best practice. Complimented by specifically developed logistics management information systems (LMIS) to record patient and regimen data through the field, MACSwms is the preferred choice of many aid agencies because it is cost effective, easy to use, functionally rich and multi-lingual.





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