To fulfil customer’s orders effectively both the warehouse and the vehicle scheduling department needs complete visibility of the workload.

  • How many drivers and vehicles need to be managed and what are their constraints?
  • How many loads needs to be delivered on a daily / weekly basis?
  • Will the last customer be available after 5pm?
  • Are you dependant on unreliable and delay ridden manual systems to trigger invoicing?


Integrating our load planning module with the MACSwms module gives you the visibility and control that enables you to:

  • Prioritise routes, ensuring the loads are picked in the best order
  • Print appropriate manifest
  • Ensure that drivers fully de-brief their routes and update the system
  • Seamlessly integrate with the chosen accounts package to ensure an effective invoice process


“Once we’ve picked goods for despatch, we’ve finished”. That may be the case if you aren’t in control of your own distribution vehicles but many of our customers are. In which case, transport planning is an important part of the supply chain jigsaw.





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