Our experienced in-house technical specialists write, implement and support the MACS software systems. This gives us total autonomy of our software direction.

We in-turn work with our customers to deliver effective solutions for multiple industries in a global market. A continuous software development and investment programme is at the heart of the MACS product to ensure the constant evolution of our software.

MACSwms can integrate with a company’s existing ERP solution, accounts package, various carriers, EDI integration and warehouse automation systems. Our teams have the experience working with given API’s to provide a best of breed approach.

Software partners including:

  • Linn systems (Linnworks, e-fulfilment solution)
  • Metapack, carrier solution 
  • Descartes, e-Customs bond solution
  • Sage
  • Orbis Software
  • Voiteq (voice activated software)





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