Easy and accurate report is essential to the success of any organizations, whatever the size, whether reporting crucial operating information within the business or updating externally.

All MACSwms solutions come with a built-in report writer, Extractor, which gives access to all fields of data with the ability to create new reports and auto schedule reports. In addition to Extractor customers also have the support of our Dashboard module.

Dashboard gives easy access, at a glance, to critical information. In busy or difficult environments MACS Dashboard gives the user easy access to information, often by distilling inherently complex data down to a summary level, which can in turn be drilled-down on for more detail. This software will significantly increase your company’s ability to summarise and analyse information in a series of graphs, charts, speedometers and KPIs, enabling both decision maker and other personnel to access key information through a secure system.

Chiltern Cold Storage Chiltern Cold Storage

“The MACS dashboard is installed with a suit of reports designed to support a warehouse operation, it gave us an accurate operational overview and allows us to respond quickly to issues and opportunities. In addition to the standard reports, we were delighted that we could also build different drill paths to get additional ad hoc data.”


  • Quick and easy access to historic and real-time data that can be customised
  • Auto scheduling of reports (quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily etc)
  • Provides a top down view of an organisation’s data, providing a simple representation of complex data to support timely and critical business decisions
  • Create and store KPIs in real time, including the tracking of individuals plus team and corporate goals
  • Integrated security module to ensure data only visible to authorised users
  • Intuitive user interface requiring little training on dashboard. Easy to interface and customise to requirements
  • Easy collaboration on interesting data with colleagues and work groups
  • Dashboard can be opened to internet / extranet to provide restricted access to suppliers, vendors, partners and customers
  • Improved professionalism and reduces human errors
  • Pro-active management to save time and money
  • Complete visibility of warehouse activities





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