Effective day to day control and visibility of stock throughout your organisation combined with the reporting required to support your growth and continuous improvement

Our MACSwms for medium businesses is:

  • Scalable
  • Configurable to your operation
  • Rapid deployment, on time & on budget
  • Proven return on investment


Are your current systems failing to match up to your customers’ demands for visibility and control? Has recent growth over stretched your logistics functions? MACSwms will help you with better process control supported by the latest technology (radio frequency scanning / voice control / RFID etc.)

Bob Reeve Managing Director, Studex, UK

“MACSwms has saved us a lot of time and money over the years. It reconciles stock every day, provides stock locations for each item, makes picking much faster and easier and ensures that our stock records are never wrong. It paid for itself within twelve months.”


  • 99.9% picking accuracy
  • Fewer returns
  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Optimum space and labour utilisation
  • Efficient replenishment routines
  • Greater management control with full audit trail
  • Reduced need for local knowledge
  • Improved order fulfilment rates
  • Reduced ‘stock outs’ and obsolete stock
  • Total visibility and reporting on stock at full pallet, carton and sub carton level
  • Faster stock turnover
  • Streamline inventory holding: accurate information permits lower safe stock levels
  • Minimal stock handling through optimised dynamic pick faces & cross docking
  • Better, professional customer service
  • PI (perpetual inventory) function
  • A system that will interface with existing and future systems
  • Use of bar code technology (pick / pack stations) and radio frequency




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