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Exciting News: The Bright Future of Macs Software

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Macs Software + SovTech

We’re excited to share some big news with you!  SovTech, a leading global Software development company boasting a network of 8000+  tech specialists and a client base that spans blue chip companies across three continents, has officially joined hands with Macs Software, together we are embarking on an exciting journey, united under SovTech’s operating umbrella. 

Following SovTech’s acquisition of Macs Software, we’re proud to announce that Macs Software is now seamlessly integrated into SovTech’s suite of services.  This strategic alliance unlocks a world of positive opportunities for Macs software customers, granting access to a global technical support pool of software developers, product specialists and business experts.

Our goal is clear: to enhance the quality of Macs’ software, improve customer support, and drive new product innovation and features.

In line with this vision, we've recently bolstered our helpdesk capacity to ensure faster resolution times and heightened customer satisfaction. We're committed to providing you with unparalleled support every step of the way.

While this transition marks the retirement of the former managing operators, rest assured that the core values and essence of Macs Software continue with a dedicated leadership team, which you can contact directly via the email listed at the bottom of this release.

We extend our sincere thanks to you, our valued customers and partners, for your continued trust. Your confidence and collaboration are crucial and we're confident that Macs Software is primed to build upon its rich legacy and continue empowering your businesses into the future.

Should you have any questions or wish to learn more, please contact our dedicated customer liaison, Tom Aspinall, at tom.aspinall@macs-software.com to schedule a  meeting or on-site visit. We are eager to continue our valued relationships with our customers and partners, and on behalf of the entire teams at SovTech and Macs, thank you for your continued support. We look forward to an exciting future together.

Image of Chris Silk, Operations Lead at Macs Software
Chris Silk
Operations Lead
Image of Tom Aspinal, Client Liaison Lead at Macs Software
Tom Aspinall
Client Liaison Lead
Image of Kevin Ward, Engineering Lead at Macs Software
Kevin Ward
Engineering Lead

Image of Edward Vincent, Managing Director at SovTech UK
Edward Vincent
UK Managing Director
Image of Gerald Neves, CEO of SovTech
Gerald Neves
Group CEO
Image of Chase le Roux, Group Commercial Director at SovTech
Chase le Roux
Group Commercial Director

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