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Working In Haiti

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Working In Haiti

Earlier this year, following a devastating earthquake and subsequent cholera outbreak, MACS sent in reinforcements to get the SCMS (a delivery partner for USAID) warehouse, which despatches vital antiviral drugs, back to full operational capacity.

As a result, Richard Miller (MACS Implementation Director) completed a four month stint in Haiti supporting the MACSwms site.

Richard shared some of his thoughts and experiences with us………

What stands out the most from your trip? The people I worked with, an amazing amount of determination even after devastating events.

What proved to be difficult? The most basic things…….often we were left with no electricity and the cost of a basic item in the supermarkets was extortionate! A lettuce retailed at £8! It was also the rainy and hurricane season. Luckily (apparently) we only had one hurricane!!

What were the highlights? I was formally invited to attend the 40th Anniversary of MSH (Medical Sciences for Health). This was a high profile island event with the Prime Minister of Haiti and Minister of Health (and me of course!) joining in the celebrations. Unfortunately, the Vice President of the United States could not attend at the last moment.

However, the goodbye party from the warehouse and management team meant the most to me. I was presented with a 2ft x 3 ft cake with the comment “Merci Richard”.

We wish the team over in Haiti, battered again by Hurricane Sandy just a few weeks ago and working very hard in extremely difficult conditions, all the very best.

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