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MACS Software appoints new distributor in Mozambique

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MACS Software appoints new distributor in Mozambique

A leading international specialist in warehouse management systems (WMS), MACS software has appointed Warehouse & Logistics ICT (W&L ICT) in Mozambique as its official distributor. The appointment is part of MACS Software’s strategy of providing local services where possible in emerging and developing markets and reflects the opportunities that exist in the region.

Mozambique has enjoyed an average annual growth in GDP of approaching 7.5% since 2000 and has had the most stable currency in Africa for two years running. This growth, combined with the country’s extensive natural resources (such as coal, oil, minerals and gas) that are fuelling further growth, make the country a primary target for advanced warehouse management and distribution systems.

Arnold Handal is a senior partner in Warehouse & Logistics ICT and an expert in Management Information Systems (MIS), having worked in Mozambique for the past 12 years. “There is a lot of opportunity for WMS in Mozambique,” he explained. “The very large multinational companies already have systems in place but the emerging new SMEs are not using formal warehouse management systems and this is where we see the opportunities for MACSwms.  There is nothing like it here.”

Warehouse & Logistics ICT has worked with MACS Software for many years to provide local services for Ministry of Health projects. “We know MACS very well and are looking forward to working much more closely with the company,” Arnold added. “There are lots of opportunities for us here and MACSwms is ideally suited to the needs of our customers.”

Tony Liddar, Managing Director of MACS Software, has every confidence in Warehouse & Logistics ICT.  “We know Arnold very well and have full confidence in his marketing and technical abilities.  We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.”

MACS Software recently celebrated 21 years in business, during which it has carved a reputation for reliability and innovation in the supply of WMS systems for retail and wholesale customers, third-party logistics companies and dropship operations.

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