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MACS Software joins DMU Graduate Champions Internships Scheme

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MACS Software joins DMU Graduate Champions Internships Scheme

Here at MACS, we are about to welcome two interns from De Montfort University taking part in the DMU Graduate Champions Internships Scheme. The internships will be for a period of six weeks beginning in November 2018.

MACS’ manager Esther Dutton said, “This is the first time we’ve offered internships at MACS, but as part of a young and vibrant industry I’m keen to encourage new people to get involved. Giving graduates the opportunity to work on real-world projects is a great boost to their education and at the same time allows us to see what they are capable of over an extended period. We are always looking for talented people, so there is a real possibility they will work with us on a permanent basis after they complete their courses.”

During their stay the interns, who are both studying computer science, will be working on projects that are challenging but within their capabilities and are able be completed during their period at MACS. They will report to the senior programmer who will give them excellent guidance throughout.

Under the DMU Graduate Champions Internships Scheme, interns work for 18.5 hours a week and are paid the national living wage by the university, with the host organisation providing supervision and the necessary facilities.

Since the DMU Scheme was introduced in 2013, over 2000 high-quality internships with major businesses have been completed by graduates across a wide range of industries.

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