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MACS Software partners with Orbis Software

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MACS Software partners with Orbis Software

MACS Software, a leading international specialist in warehouse management systems (WMS), has become a Consulting Partner with Orbis Software to provide its clients with a proven way of linking their MACSwms with a wide range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The benefits include: lower overall cost of ownership, greater flexibility, less potential for human error and improved business process automation.

TaskCentre® from Orbis Software bridges the gap between a WMS and many ERPs, including: SAP Business One; Sage 500/1000; Microsoft® Dynamics NAV; and Microsoft® Dynamics AX.  Wherever two systems meet TaskCentre® smoothes the process of exchanging information and will allow users to develop their own processes specifically to meet their business needs.  When business processes change it is quick and easy to adapt the system, through its graphical user interface, without the need for expensive and time consuming code redevelopment.

“TaskCentre® comprises a set of ‘drag and drop’ tools that make the linking of two systems easier and quicker whilst reducing the need for software development,” explained Matthew Lidster, Sales Director for Orbis Software.  “MACS Software now has a market-proven way of integrating its MACSwms with practically any business application or web service its customers require.”

TaskCentre is event driven.  Whenever a designated event takes place it will trigger additional processes within the WMS.  For example, when an order is placed it triggers the despatch process; if a customer’s credit limit is reached it will automatically put a stop on the account and prevent further deliveries; customer reports can be scheduled as required; and alerts given when KPIs are reached or missed. Everything happens automatically, immediately and without the re-keying of information.

As a Consulting Partner for Orbis Software, MACS Software will work with customers to analyse what automated processes are required by the business and assist with the installation. MACS Software will also help with re-configuration should business processes change. However, it is possible for experienced IT professionals within companies to do much of the work themselves if necessary.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer TaskCentre® to our clients,” said Simon Pennelegion, Product Development Director of MACS Software. “It is proven technology that helps link our MACSwms seamlessly with virtually any ERP and avoids the need for additional bespoke programming.”

TaskCentre® brings people and systems together within an organisation through the acquisition, manipulation, dissemination and integration of information to create a generic approach to automated processes specifically designed to meet precise business requirements.

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