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MACSwms integrates with SAP Business One

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MACSwms integrates with SAP Business One

As an Orbis partner, MACS Software utilizes TaskCentre to link its leading MACSwms software with SAP Business One ERP. The result is an integrated system that provides a best of breed approach to business and warehouse management.

MACSwms transforms warehouse operations by controlling and managing stock and data and by streamlining manual systems to reduce errors, increase efficiency and productivity and provide a fast return on investment. Key benefits of MACSwms include: better use of space, improved order fulfilment rates, reduced inventory and stock wastage, better customer service and a full audit trail. SAP Business One, by contrast, manages the business including operations, finance and human resources.

Here at MACS Software, we have used Orbis TaskCentre, a business process management tool, to seamlessly link the two systems. This robust platform offers the flexibility to accommodate with ease any later upgrades or changes in either system.

Tony Liddar, Managing Director of MACS Software, feels that it is key for businesses to have their WMS and business management systems working in harmony. “SAP Business One has the ability to improve efficiency for many types of business, but it can only do so when the rest of the company’s systems can keep up,” he said. “By integrating MACSwms with SAP Business One we are able to provide a comprehensive system that will link back and front office processes and warehouse operations seamlessly to provide even greater efficiency and reduce the risk of mistakes due to human error.”

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