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Racing Through the First 21 years

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Racing Through the First 21 years

We all celebrated MACS Software’s 21st birthday recently with a staff trip to the Sutton Elms Go-Karting circuit in Leicestershire in order to let off a little steam.  Some of the team showed a natural aptitude for thrashing around a race track – a far cry from our day jobs designing software for some of the world’s leading corporations.

“We wanted to do something to celebrate our 21st anniversary and we thought a bit of healthy competition was just the thing” said Tony Liddar, MACS’ Managing Director, adding modestly, “of course the youngsters were all very competitive so I thought it best to hang back and let them win.  No point in discouraging them is there!”

Tony’s commitment to discretion ahead of valour was probably wise as the Karts at Sutton are not toys. The SODIKART GT2s are capable of speeds in excess of 50mph and the circuit has been specifically designed to provide a real challenge to professional and amateur drivers alike.

As always fortune favoured the brave. Third place was taken by my fellow software developer Alban Fellows; second place and the fastest lap went to project co-ordinator Lara Franklin; with first place, and the official title of MACS Stig, going to our senior technical manager, Lewis Todd.

Tony’s final placing was not reported although I have to say that bringing along my own gloves and helmet didn’t help me either!!

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