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Summer Solstice

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Summer Solstice

It was with slight disbelief that the Directors and Managers of MACS sat around the boardroom table and acknowledged it was already June 2014! The first question to be asked had to be “where is the year going?” Closely followed by some reflective questions, including “what have we achieved to date this year!” It’s for this reason I thought a re-cap of our activities in the first six months could be interesting – well, I hope for some!

We have undertaken some planned personnel re-structuring and up skilling of staff, the main change being the splitting of the project co-ordinator role to better support MACS customers and our General Manager, Paul Gostick.  We now have two project co-ordinators, Avnika Sachania and Howard Keene, who broadly look after external customer and internal MACS activities. We have already seen some benefits from this re-structure.

As regards overseas activities, Richard Miller spent time supporting the ballooning operation of National Medical Stores (NMS) in Uganda, leading training courses here in Lutterworth and on site in Entebbe. NMS’s mission statement is “to ensure that the Ugandan Population is provided with affordable and good quality pharmaceuticals.” In Mozambique Simon Pennelegion has taken a lead role in a technical project to enhance the visibility of stock around the country for the distribution of essential drugs; work started here in the UK but continues in country. Both very worthy causes and MACS is delighted to be a part of these life saving projects.

In the UK, we are thrilled to be working with some new customers who have chosen MACS as their preferred software provider. The list of sectors covered is varied and includes third party warehouse operations, transport, designer packaging and manufacturing and e-fulfilment.

As well as new customers the level of growth experienced from our existing customers has been significant. We have managed a number of warehouse re-locations (all to larger premises) and the demand for software development has been high, with further integration with customers’ incumbent or new systems.

The development of MACSwms on the Microsoft Silverlight platform continues at a steady pace – always in the right direction but always too slow for the Directors, who are keen to roll out their new “baby!”

In summary, a very busy six months!

On a final note as we head toward the Summer Solstice ,a wise person once said…….

The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!

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