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Update from ActionAid, Uganda

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Update from ActionAid, Uganda

As a supporter and sponsor of ActionAid in Nebbi, Uganda the team at MACS Software team take a keen interest in the latest news from the region. So, we really welcome the latest report that ActionAid have put in place a successful program to replace the use of traditional stoves with energy saving devices. Not only are they more efficient and cost effective, they use less firewood, reduce deforestation and produce little smoke. Many women have reported that their eyes and lungs do not hurt from the smoke when cooking.

ActionAid have organised workshops so that the locals know how to make moulds for the energy-saving stove by mixing anthill soil and banana fibre, which is left to dry for three days. Santina, one of the beneficiaries of the workshop, reported “So far, I have sold five stoves for 5000 Ugandan Shillings (£1) each. As the stoves are made from local, free materials, all this money is profit and so now I have enough to cover any medical or educational fees my family may have. We have never had this kind of security before!”

To support ActionAid visit www.actionaid.org/uganda

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